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Our Customers our our best salespeople. Here is a sample of what they say ...

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"We've been using Office-Partner for a long time. We are pleased that OCS continues to bring on new technology that integrates with existing software. Their support staff is great. "Tom knows all". Our hygiene department finally decided this year to use the recall system. Comments this week, "why haven't we done this sooner" and "it sure saves us time" . Our favorite piece of the software is the scheduler. We would never go back to a paper book!! All three front desk staff can be scheduling at the same time. It integrates so well into the patient master and recall system." --- Office Staff - Dr. Barry Feder

"I will have been in dentistry 30 years in 2005. I've personally utilized 5 different dental computer systems. My current office has been with OCS since 1989. Their system is, without question, the best I've used. Office-Partner does everything we want and is incredibly user friendly. On top of that, their customer support is amazing! On the rare occasion we are down, their response time is always minimal and a fix is fast to follow." --- Sharmon - Drs. Dawson & Hess

"We have been clients of OCS for over 10 years and I am always impressed with the service we have received. OCS continues to update their software and any problem we might have is handled in a prompt and efficient manner." --- Jane - Dr. Eric Carlson

"The support staff is great! We have used OCS for 13 years and Gina & Tom have always returned my calls and serviced our computer quickly. They never leave you feeling stranded wondering what to do. Paul has done an exceptional job of always hiring very friendly and caring employees." --- Jeanne - Dr. Steven Stanley

Picture of Dr. Russell's Office

"Office-Partner has been a great program for our practice. It's easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to access information. It's been extremely user friendly for even the newest staff members. Thanks to Paul, Tom, Gina and Libby for a great program and support staff." --- the staff at Dr. Kenneth Russell's office


"I don't know where we would be without Office-Partner. It's organized, fast, reliable and the tech support is amazing. There are always new updates that make managing front office so easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Office-Partner to any dental practice." --- the staff at Dr. Robert Buda's office


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